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System last updated: December 27 2014

"Thanks a lot guys. Saw your thread on HF and this led me to your site. I have to say i thought it was BS but my god it worked!!! Thanks again, you rock! 3M yeah :) "
--- KnightSRX --- (US) --- 1 hour ago ---

"Soory for English. I want to thank you and ask you have Dragon City generator? Cant find on site. My mail Please respond. Thanks!!!"
--- AbAxX --- (RO) --- 1 hour ago ---

"Got my coins :D, but...your FB page doesn´t have any info. What other games do you have? I play Hay Day. Do you have Hay Day coins also? Will bookmark your site for future."
--- IRON Salute --- (DE) --- 1 hour ago ---

"How many people do you have in your team? If you are the same person i talked to on WH then thank you and i mean it! I was going insane trying to find a working FUT15 generator, so many fakes floating around. Happy player here! "
--- WierdoZ --- (GB) --- 2 hours ago ---

"Hey team RipMax! Greetings from France. Thanks!"
--- Winners2Eve --- (FR) --- 2 hours ago ---

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